Quincy Dentist – Five Basic Ways to Properly Floss Your Teeth

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Basic oral care consists of brushing your teeth after each meal, flossing your teeth right after each meal and routine trip to the dentist just like Quincy Dentist each and every 6 months for dental examination.

A smile is the best option to improve your appearance for the better and having good and shiny white teeth are the best way to have a pretty smile. After eating, food dirt get stuck on the gums as well as in in between your teeth and gum gaps. These accumulate and with the harmful bacteria in the oral cavity makes what we refer to as plaques. Dental plaques can harm the gum line and eventually destroy the teeth.

Brushing your teeth simply helps to eliminate food debris trapped on the surface of your teeth and gums. However, it cannot remove food particles that are in the middle of the teeth and between your teeth and gums. Even an excellent scaling and polishing performed by a dental expert can’t enter those very narrow spaces that a dental floss are able to.

The more jagged your teeth, the more difficult you need to work to floss out the dirt that hides between the teeth.

Here I’ll teach you concerning how to floss your teeth effectively as suggested by several dental experts such as the Quincy Dentists.

1. Firstly, you have to make certain that you use floss which is clean and completely new. Dental floss that’s old and brittle splits very easily and also not able to eliminate the debris between your teeth. Remember to put your floss in a clean and dry place.

2. Get hold of a sufficient length of floss between your fingers so that you can can curl the two ends around your fingertips and have a very good handle on the floss. The better your grip, the more thoroughly you are able to remove all the particles. Unlike tooth-brushing, no toothpaste is recommended.

3. Delicately thread the floss into the space in between your teeth and gums and do your way up to the space between your teeth. Stroke either side more than once to be certain almost all food dirt are cleaned up and removed. Unlike brushing your teeth, don’t use a scrupulous up and down motion to avoid cutting your gums.

4. Rinse off your mouth completely to get rid of just about all food particles. Proper disposal of used floss is highly encouraged as well as washing of hands after flossing

5. Make certain you floss immediately after every meal, or perhaps once a day for good oral cleanliness as recommended by many dental specialists such as the Quincy Dentists.

Remember, your floss and your toothbrushes are your teeth’s bestfriend. Routine brushing and flossing will greatly reduce agonizing dental treatments.

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  • The Most Common Causes of Bad Breath Among the Elderly

    In addition to knee pain, high blood pressure or problems with one’s eyesight, another problem that senior citizens must content with is bad breath. Well, in this article we will cover three methods by which people of advanced ages can deal with the problem of bad breath.


    Dentures are of course one of those things which are associated with the elderly. Although they can be somewhat uncomfortable, dentists know how to fine tune them so that over time, you can’t tell them apart from actual teeth.

    However, dentures can also contribute to bad breath. This is especially true if the dentures are not clean daily, or if they are not stored in a clean place. Although a simple problem, carelessness is often one of the reasons why so many senior citizens experience knee pain, migraines, high blood pressure and other illnesses.

    Gum Diseases

    Plaque buildup can be particularly troublesome, especially if you are very old. Not only can they cause infection, they can also cost you your teeth.

    That said, preventing and treating gum diseases require good hygiene as well as medical attention. This is particularly true for senior citizens, which is why brushing one’s teeth, floss and dental appointments are for not only avoiding bad breath but also keeping one’s gum’s healthy.

    Dry Mouth

    And finally, senior citizens need to think about dry mouths, not only because it leads to bad breath, but also because they need more effort when it comes to eating and swallowing. As a result, keeping one’s mouth wet is good for more than just keeping your breath’s smell.

    The best way to do is to of course drink plenty of fluids. However, avoiding caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes can also help.

    Unless bad breath is a symptom of a much more serious ailment, it’s not something that you should be overly concerned with. For the elderly, it’s not as bad as knee pain or a high blood pressure, and with a little work it can be easily treated.



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